How to dry and iron cashmere

Cashmere is luxurious, soft and feels incredibly smooth and gentle on the skin. Unfortunately, cashmere fabric is just as sensitive as it is valuable. This makes it important to treat the soft fabric with special care, which includes washing, drying, ironing and storing the wool. In the following articles, we give you an overview of everything you need to know about cashmere care.

woman wearing a cashmere sweater
Soft, comfy and fluffy – a cashmere piece is an investion in your wardrobe

How to gently dry cashmere

It happened! Out of nothing, an ugly stain appeared on your favorite cashmere blanket. There is only one way to get rid of it – washing! However, washing cashmere should be done carefully. Otherwise, the sensitive fibers can be damaged. That’s why we provided a guide on how to wash cashmere without ruining it in our first article about cashmere care. But what happens after you washed the cashmere piece? After your cashmere piece survived the wash, you cannot simply put it in the dryer. Since a wrong drying process (e.g. in the dryer) can harm the sensitive fabric, you need to be very careful when it comes to drying cashmere, too.

Our first tip for drying cashmere is, that it is important not to wring out the fabric too powerful so that the sensitive fibers don’t suffer. The best way to dry cashmere is to lay down the fabric while it’s drying. This technique protects the fibers from wearing out. Moreover, we don’t recommend using the dryer for cashmere. In fact, by putting cashmere in the dryer, you risk shrinking it. Once cashmere is shrunk, there is no way back to its usual beautiful structure. That is also why wet cashmere should not be put in the sun or close to a heater while it’s drying. In case you own a cold air dryer that is an appropriate alternative to dry cashmere wool.

Drying cashmere – an overview:

  • Gently press the fabric with a dry towel after washing it. Then let the fabric dry while it’s lying. When it’s hung up, you risk to wear out the fibers.
  • Do not use your usual laundry dryer because the hot air can ruin the fabric. Cold air dryers are an appropriate alternative.

Ironing cashmere

No matter how beautiful your new cashmere jumper is – nobody really wants to be seen in crumpled clothes. That’s why ironing precious wool such as cashmere can quickly become an important topic. Yet, ironing cashmere is again a sensitive subject. Just as it is the case with washing and drying cashmere, you should take special care when ironing the soft wool. If you don’t want to ruin your favorite piece with the hot flat iron, you should take the following guideline on how to iron cashmere to heart:

Use the lowest heat level on your flat iron for wool and silk. In all circumstances avoid direct contact between the fabric and the flat iron. Instead of that, we recommend putting a piece of slightly wet cotton between the iron and the cashmere wool. That way you make sure, the fluffy characteristics of your cashmere piece won’t be damaged by the heat. In case you are using a steam iron, you should check if there is enough space between the cashmere blanket/jumper and the hot steam. Again, the iron should not directly touch the wool. The steam should be enough to straighten up the fine cashmere hairs.

Ironing cashmere – an overview:

  • Choose the lowest heat level on your flat iron.
  • Put a wet piece of cotton between the flat iron and the cashmere fabric.
  • The iron should not directly touch the cashmere wool in any circumstance.

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