The best way to store cashmere

When it comes to cashmere care, there are a lot of things you should keep in mind. The fine wool is pretty sensitive, which makes good care essential for any cashmere lover. Otherwise, false washing, drying or ironing can ruin your precious cashmere piece forever. We know you don’t want to risk any damages on your favorite cashmere jumper or your cuddly cashmere blanket. That’s why we tell you all you need to know about cashmere care.

Cashmere in the summer break

summer dress
The temperatures heat up and you decide to replace your cuddly jumper with a light summer dress – but where do you store the cashmere piece in the meantime?

Cashmere is soft, cuddly and keeps you nice and warm during the cold winter months. No wonder that you wouldn’t mind wearing your cashmere piece all day every day. However, in summer time it can get a little too hot for cuddly jumpers. That’s why most people decide to store their cashmere pieces during the hot months. Yet, there are some things you need to consider if you want your cashmere pieces to be as nice after the summer break as they have been before.

Our advice: Cashmere likes to lay down

Our article about drying cashmere already showed that cashmere loves to lay down. That’ s why, generally, cashmere should be stored lying. That way, the fibers do not wear out. Moreover, cashmere wool is quite sensitive to light. For this reason, we recommend putting the wool in a dark lightproof box while storing it. The best place for the box that contains the cashmere pieces is the wardrobe. The closet is usually dark and offers mild temperature – ideal conditions for cashmere wool.

Avoid pressure

Especially if you plan to store cashmere for a couple of months you should try to avoid too much pressure. Therefore, it’s best to store your cashmere pieces on top of everything else in your wardrobe. That way, you prevent the fibers from being compressed. Furthermore, you should be gentle with your cashmere pieces when storing them – try not to squeeze them too much so that the fibers don’t break.

Fighting against creases and moths

You stored your cashmere jumper in the wardrobe during the summer months – but what’s that? Suddenly there are some ugly moth holes in the precious fabric. Little is as annoying as moth holes in cashmere fabric. But don’t worry – there is a way to fool the little critters. To keep moths away, we recommend putting small fragrant sacs filled with lavender, dried orange peel or cedar wood in your closet. The scents do not only make your wardrobe smell good but also keep away unwanted vermin.

Lavender against moths
Lavender not only smells good – it keeps away unwanted vermin

Even though you stored your cashmere pieces carefully, unaesthetic creases can appear in the fabric after a while. The unwanted creases are hard to avoid. Yet, in most cases, they are easy to get rid of. Our article about ironing cashmere describes how to iron cashmere without risking damaging it. All in all, the best way to avoid damages, is to put a piece of cotton between the hot iron and the cashmere.

Storing cashmere – an overview:

  • Store your cashmere pieces in a dry and cool area.
  • When you plan to store cashmere wool for a longer time, we recommend putting it in a lightproof box in the wardrobe.
  • Gently fold the cashmere piece and put in on top of everything else in the closet. That way, you prevent the fibers from being squeezed.
  • To keep away moths, put sacs filled with lavender or cedar wood inside the wardrobe.
  • To get rid of creases, iron the wool on lowest heat level. Moreover, you should put a piece of cotton between the flat iron and the cashmere.

More about cashmere care

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