Fighting against the knots – How to get rid of cashmere fuzz

There is no fabric that feels as soft, gentle and comfy as cashmere. But – just like it is the case with anything beautiful – cashmere wool has its twists. Any cashmere lover knows about the annoying knots and fluff that you can find in the precious wool after a while. This fuzz is pretty normal and a usual characteristic of cashmere. Still, it can get a bit annoying – especially because it tends to spread all over your apartment. That’s why this article is about getting rid of cashmere fuzz without damaging the sensitive fiber.

Fuzz? No problem!

The so-called ‘pilling’ is a typical cashmere characteristic and therefore no reason to freak out. Basically, ‘pills’ are loose fibers that scrunch up into little knots and fuzz. This happens mainly to natural high-quality cashmere products because each of their fibers has a different length. To add up, cashmere fibers tend to be less elastic than other wool types. This makes them break easily. Nevertheless, to protect your couch from turning into a huge fuzz-zone we came up with some tips and tricks to reduce cashmere fuzz.

The best weapon against fuzz: The pilling comb

The best solution to get rid of fuzz is a pilling comb. Simply brush the cashmere fabric with this special comb to make the fuzz problem disappear. The best thing about it? The brush makes it possible to comb-out the loose fibers without risking damaging the sensitive fabric.

You can find a pilling comb in the range of Mogli & Martini goods. Our comb is perfectly suited to the needs of high-quality cashmere products.

cashmere pilling
The pilling comb by Mogli & Martini gives back the fluffy structure to your cashmere product

Not recommended: The pilling shaver

The pilling shaver is often recommended as an alternative to the pilling comb. Basically, the pilling shaver shaves off the loose hairs in the cashmere fabric– a brutal but effective method to get rid of the unwanted fluff. The problem with this method is, however, that it can damage the fine fibers of the wool. That’s why we don’t recommend the pilling shaver but, as already mentioned, the comb instead. In case you don’t want to miss this method though, we recommend shaving the cashmere wool as gently as possible to lower the risk of structural damage.

Steaming cashmere

Our article about ironing cashmere showed, that the flat iron can not only do harm to cashmere wool but has some advantages. Still, you should remember to avoid touching the fabric with the hot iron. Try to gently steam the wool instead of actually ironing it. That way, the released humidity allows the fine cashmere hairs to stand up and be as cuddly (and fuzz free!) as before.

The best for last: If you take care of pilling a few times, the fabric will stay clean from fuzz for a while. In fact, after using the pilling comb three or four times, most of the loose fibers are gone forever. At this point, unwanted knots and fuzz usually don’t come back, which means that you can feel free to cuddle with the soft fabric without fearing fuzz!

More about cashmere care

The most essential part of cashmere care: Washing cashmere.

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