Washing Cashmere

Cashmere is one oft he most luxurious fabrics in the world. This means, that the exclusive fabric needs a special treatment to make sure the cashmere wool retains its precious qualities over time. Those who seldomly wash and rather ventilate their cashmere are treating it right.

Generally you can wash cashmere cautiously by hand as well as with a  gentle washing cycle inside their machine. Regardless of the technique the water shall never be warmer than 30 degrees. Furthermore the choice of your washing agent is crucial. For this matter you will find a specialized product in our Cashmere Care product line, which is particularly created for the special needs of high grade cashmere. Because of fabric softeners, chemical cleaners and so on, cashmere will lose its beloved coziness.


Drying and Ironing of Cashmere

The precious cashmere wool needs special care for you to enjoy your favorite piece for a long time. This applies especially when drying and ironing the fiber. Cashmere must not be wrung out forcefully after washing. It is also highly recommended to refrain from using the dryer, to prevent the fabric from shrinking. Our advice: First use a towel to gently squeeze out the water from the wet fabric – afterwards put down the textile flat on the floor and let it dry.
Nobody likes a crumpled garment – nonetheless cashmere should be ironed with care. Choose the lowest level on your flat iron. Additionally, we recommend putting a cotton cloth between the hot iron and the cashmere, to prevent any possible heat damage.


De-fuzzing of Cashmere

Pilling of cashmere wool is for better or worse a completely natural occurrence – usually caused by friction. The difference being, that low quality cashmere will keep on pilling consistently, because of the use of short fibers. In order to gently remove the fuzz, a pilling comb is the best and most gentle option, since loose fibers can simply be combed out of the fabric. In this way, the wool regains its cuddly, fuzz-free structure in no time. We do not recommend more rabid methods, such as pilling razors, as these might possibly damage the delicate wool.


Storing Cashmere

Especially during the summer months cozy cashmere goods often end up stored in a cupboard. For your cashmere fabrics to be just as cozy in fall as it has been in spring, you are well advised to store it lying flat. Furthermore the fabrics are slightly light-sensitive and shouldn’t be pressed or squashed together. For this matter your the best solution would be to store it in a light-tight box made out of fabric, placed in the top shelve of your cupboard. Besides we recommend putting little bags filled with lavender in your storage of choice, to prevent moths from coming.