Cashmere care: How to wash cashmere

Your personal dream made out of cashmere just arrived. It is soft, bloomy and colorful. All you want is the fabric to stay this comfy and cuddly forever. However, the fabric has its twists. Therefore, there are certain things all cashmere lovers should understand about their favorite fabric. Cashmere storage, pilling, and washing – The following articles tell you all you need to know about cashmere care.

Cashmere is one of the most exclusive fabrics in the world. Anyone, who has ever felt the soft wool on their skin, knows about the fascinating magic of cashmere. Unfortunately, cashmere is just as sensitive as it is luxurious. This means, that the exclusive fabric needs a special treatment to make sure the cashmere wool retains its precious qualities over time. Above all, especially washing cashmere can damage the fabric if done wrong. For this reason, our cashmere care-series starts with information on how to wash cashmere.

laundry basket
No matter if washing by hand or by machine – when it comes to washing cashmere there are a lot of things to consider

Washing cashmere: Less is more

When it comes to washing cashmere, the main thing you should keep in mind is, that it’s best to wash the fabric as seldom as possible. Clothes made out of cashmere should even be left in the closet every second day. By doing so, the fabric gets the chance to recover from being worn. Moreover, this helps to fight against the so-called pilling, which can be described as cashmere fuzz.

Instead of washing your exclusive cashmere blanket or your favorite cashmere jumper too often, you should try to air it. Ventilation keeps away unwanted smells and gives the fabric some rest. Furthermore, hanging in fresh air is an effective way to protect the fabric from unaesthetic crinkles.

Afterwards, we recommend to carefully steam the fabric with a flat iron. This allows the soft hairs of the cashmere wool to straighten up, which makes the wool feel nice and soft again.

Clothes on a hanger
We know you love to wear your favorite cashmere peace – however it’s best to leave it in the closet every second day

Washing cashmere wool by hand

At first sight, getting help from a professional seems to be the best option to avoid mistakes when washing cashmere. However, there is no reason to be afraid of washing cashmere on your own. Basically, there are two popular options to wash cashmere with care: Washing it by hand and using a washing machine. Each option comes with different requirements, that should be taken into account.

In order to hand wash cashmere properly and with care, you should stick to the following guideline:

  • Let the fabric soak in a special laundry detergent for a few minutes. The water should be lukewarm (30 degrees Celsius maximum).
  • Don’t let the cashmere soak in water for too long, as this wears out the fiber.
  • Brushing is a no go – this leads to felting.
  • Carefully rinse the fabric with cold water afterwards – until there is no washing product left.

Washing cashmere with the washing machine

Apart from washing your cashmere piece by hand, you can certainly rely on your washing machine, as well. Nowadays, most washing machines are qualified to wash cashmere. All in all, this is our guideline on washing cashmere with the machine:

  • Cashmere should be washed particularly gently in a wool cycle of a washing  This helps to avoid deformation, because the fabric is being moved gently in the machine.
  • The fabric should be washed cold or on low temperature.
  • To protect the surface, cashmere clothes should be turned inside out.
  • Our tip: A gentle spin cycle (up to 600 rotations) can speed up the drying process.

The right laundry detergent

Usual wool detergent, hair shampoo or something completely different? The choice of laundry detergent is crucial when it comes to washing cashmere. Since you do not want to ruin your favorite cashmere clothes or your luxurious cashmere blanket, we recommend using a special cashmere-approved laundry detergent. Actually, the usual mild detergent is not gentle enough for the soft fabric and is therefore likely to ruin it. Particularly dangerous for cashmere fabric is dry cleaning because it attacks the precious fabric and leaves unattractive marks.

cashmere shampoo
The right detergent is key when you’re washing cashmere

Our recommendation: The cashmere and wool detergent by Mogli & Martini is available soon:

  • The detergent is suited to the needs of high-quality cashmere and natural wools.
  • It is made out of natural and resources, which makes it eudermic and
  • For a maximum of comfort, the detergent can be used by hand as well as in the machine.
  • No bleach, no brightener, no fabric softener – the detergent is made to protect the natural protection layer of cashmere.
Cashmere care set
No bleach, brightener etc. – the detergent is perfectly adapted to the needs of cashmere

How to get rid of tenacious stains

Absolute Don’t when dealing with tenacious stains: Soaking and brushing – this leads to ugly fiber mingling. Instead, you should apply a little of the detergent on the stain before washing it. Then you just have to let it soak in a bit before giving the cashmere piece in the washing machine.

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