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6 unbelievable facts about Cashmere

In the last couple of years, Cashmere became the most sought after material in the textile industry. People love the yarn for its heavenly soft touch and incomparable features. However it is still wildly unknown why exactly these precious fibers are of so much value.

Here are 6 facts for you to finally understand Cashmere

1. Cashmere comes from cashmere goats – scientific: Capra hircus laniger. The animals are native only on the high plateaus of Central Asia and live up to 4,500 meters in altitude.

2. The name derives from the fertile region around the high-lying Vale of Kashmir, which today is equally claimed by India, Pakistan and China.

3. The most desirable wool forms only under extreme climatic conditions – thanks to intense sunlight at very high altitudes, as well as temperatures of up to -40° Celsius in winter.

4. Only once a year – in springtime – cashmere wool is obtained by gently combing out the goats’ underfur – no more than 150-200 grams are obtained from one animal.

5. The “hair” of cashmere goats is 7 times thinner as that of humans. It has an extremely low thickness of only about 15 microns. By comparison, a human hair measures around 75 microns.

6. Despite this fineness, each fiber contains a truly unique internal air chamber, that performs a natural function of transpiration and optimal heat regulation.

All these peculiarities and the resulting very limited availability of the highest quality yarn, make the finest cashmere wool truly the “Fiber of Kings“.

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